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The ‘Right’ Song For You?

This week we’re exploring repertoire & how to select the songs that work best for you.

As singers, we are all individuals. Therefore, it makes sense that not every song will work for everybody. It could be down to vocal range, style, genre or even the lyrical content, but no matter how much we love a song; sometimes we just have to admit, “this isn’t right for me”. The eternal question of course is how do we go about choosing a repertoire that does ‘work’ for us. Is there a method? A veritable ‘tick-list’ of things a song has to have in order to be successful? Or perhaps it’s just down to something we feel when the song connects with us? This week at VoiceCouncil we’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

So the question is: How do you know if a song is ‘right’ for you?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What is your favorite mic to record with in the studio and why?

Wes Maebe wrote…

“Totally depends on the voice. BeesNeez Jade, Brauner VM1, AEA KU4 and Neumann U47 are high on the list”.

Kenneth Bjærum commented…

“Well I love my old AKG c5900 because it represents my voice more the way I perceive it. I also have a cheap Tbone sct 2000 that has been modified by Rob Machinator’. Believe it or not, I am kind of satisfied with it. Compared it to a Telefunken 251, which is a better microphone. But I can live with the “differences”. It’s not worth the money. That said, some things actually sound better with my Tbone”.

Mikael Elkan responded…

“Neumann U269. Best clarity and definition”.

Ian Roy Orbison wrote…

“I’ve got a big voice that is very clean – so that usually means the standard Neumann U87 is off the list because that mic often makes good voices sound dreadful. My preference is the Neumann M 149 or M 147 – because they both tame big voices like mine and the 149 adds a lovely sparkle to my voice. But it depends on your personal preference and what suits your voice. Of course, the other vital thing is the mic pre-amp which is every bit as important. I have an Avalon 737 channel strip, which is great”.

Thank-you for all your comments and insights readers. See you next week.