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The Secret To A Great Singing Career

OK, so it’s a little cheap to give this post the title of ‘The Secret’…as if it were just ONE THING.

Life is too complex to boil things down that way.

Yet, I think there’s a way to sum success up – as long we use a paradox.

It has taken me four years of interviewing hundreds of artists and Music Industry pros to articulate it:

Be totally wrapped up in yourself
Don’t be wrapped up in yourself

Be totally wrapped up:

In Your Music –believe in the music YOU love. Nurture and develop unique qualities in your voice, taking care to find great teachers and mentors along the way.

In Your Sound – insist that you get what you need through your monitors; develop your knowledge of audio gear and effects – and own your own mic.

In Your Promotion – it’s your time to shine. Don’t apologize for moving out in to the world and into social media with your message. If you don’t, someone else will. Why not you?

Don’t be wrapped up:

In Your Music – your music is in a relationship with all other music. Discover the influences of your influences. This will deepen you, leading to new creative ideas.

In Your Sound – seek to connect to your audience; enrich their lives. Listen to other artists, go to their concerts and observe how they are connecting with others.

In Your Promotion – every social media guru we’ve ever spoken to has insisted that building a fan base is about being interested in what interests your fans – so be creative and thought provoking with your posts. Go beyond talking about your music.

Embrace It.

Great artists are great because they embrace this paradox.

They take themselves and their music with utmost seriousness and, at the same time are open to those around them, to life, and to the music of others.

It’s time to get wrapped up – and unwrapped.


  • Francisco

    you’re right, Greg! You’re absolutely right !!!

  • Dianne

    I’ve been wondering what to do with the conflicting advice I often hear. But you’ve solved it! It’s not conflicting advice….it’s a PARADOX. I love paradoxes and the way they make something complex seem simple. Wow. Now I have to go and meditate on this.