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The Secret To Vocal Success?

This week we’re exploring the mysteries to singing success in this industry. 

This week we tackle the eternal question; what’s the secret to success in the modern music industry? Perhaps it’s all down to achieving perfect vocal technique, or establishing an emotive communication in our performance? Maybe, to truly realize our potential we must seek to be more than just a singer, to be an artist, with our own unique musical identify. This week at Voice Council we’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

So the question is: In your opinion, what’s the secret to a successful singing career?  

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: How do you know if a song is ‘right’ for you?

Josh W Drane wrote…

“If you can sing it with all you’ve got. If you feel hindered or otherwise uncomfortable with it, even if you’re in your ideal practice environment, then it may not happen. I was asked to learn a song that was simple to play and sing, but I just felt hindered by the song and wrote one myself with my own similar story. By similar, I mean it was another song about the same theme”.

Blake Holmes commented…

“If you are a professional, you work through keys. Your voice will settle on the best key you should do it in. I would think you’d know that”.

Matt Mathews responded…

“It’s not Rocket Science!! You just know inside”.

Kerrie Garside wrote…

“You get to know where to sit a song in your range… you want variety and interest in your repertoire. Covers gigs are ALL about getting the crowd involved and originals are another animal all together. I find I need to sing them like ‘covers’ and I aim to get the same kind of involvement”.

Thank-you for all your comments and insights readers. See you next week.