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The Secrets of Recording Success

This week we’re finding out about the secrets of singing success in the ‘studio’!

The vocal booth can often be an intimidating place for a singer, even if it is at home. However, when used effectively it can allow us can create true moments of magic.’ We’d love to know your secrets to recording success and what advice you’d pass onto other singers.

So the question is: what piece of advice would you give to someone recording their voice the first time?

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week Joey asked, Is it important to be physically fit to sing well… what are your thoughts?

Jo Volta Posted on our wall…

“Well, you can sing and be unfit but the fitter you are the better your core strength, the better you sing and lung fitness is really important to staying vibrant”.

Jimi M Anderson commented…

“You can sing well without being physically fit… if you wanna do a full rock set and still sound good by the end of it, it’s a whole other story”.

  • Warm up sufficiently before you start and relax. Any tension or nerves will be magnified if you don’t.

  • John0331

    Good advice, Dave. Also, if it’s your first time, don’t be surprised by the results of playback. We don’t hear our voice recorded the same way we do as we do when we sing alone and have the benefit of acoustic bone conduction inside our heads to supplement the bottom end frequencies. I  was absolutely shocked the first time I heard my recorded voice.

    Also, when recording, I prefer to keep the lights down low and go to the place in my mind where I would like to transport the listener in the final mix. That’s kind of an ethereal concept, but the more you can picture the mood that you would like to spin for your listener, the more you can unlock the emotion of the performance.

  • Christian777

    A few tips:
    1). Prepare mentally and physically for the studio. Accept that in the studio you will make mistakes that normally some will not hear in live performances; don’t get frustrated. When you sing off-pitch, relax, check your breathing, because due to pressure you sometimes forget to breathe and your notes start to fall. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake; remember that studios capture everything perfectly. Also, get your blood flowing or heart pumping a bit, not too much…it will help with circulating blood to the vocal cords, keeping them ‘fresh’. Vocal preparation is without question very important and get a good nights rest! Take a day off even, if need be.
    2). Do a warm-up round. Your ears are not accustomed to hearing you ‘so well’. Your brain has to re-focus and find the perfect, comfortable mental setting, otherwise, you will be too cautious or too extreme and the recording will not be focused. After you are comfortable, you will know better how to sing to stay in the mood of the song, provide the feeling that you want and where you want it and stay on pitch.
    3). Bring all the materials that you need to the studio. Depending on your habit; bring some tea, some honey or even a steam inhaler, if you feel you must. Anything you need when practicing or singing elsewhere. Water is a must! Preferably, tap water or lukewarm.
    4). Bring the RIGHT people. Don’t invite people that have nothing to do with the recording. They will only be a distraction or a burden, especially when you make mistakes. Unless you want to purposively train yourself in performing or singing in front of a public, even so, the studio wouldn’t be the preferable place to test this. Bring people who motivate you and encourage you to try again and again and again AND know when you need to rest or can make you laugh etc. Especially the person that is recording you; make sure that person is an uplifting, kind person.
    5). Train the song over and over again. Sing it at home, hum it every moment and KNOW the lyrics! Learn all the dificult parts and most importantly, live the song! When you sing the song often at home, try to imagine the mood of the song and when you are in the studio try to recall and bring that mood back to life there and then. If you need a stul then grab one, if you need a carpet then use that too. Anything you need to create and maintain the mood.

    I am not a studio expert hahaha, but these are all my experiences. Hope they help anyone out there. ;) God bless!