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The Significant Song

This week we’re looking at music that’s changed your life!

There are many different way in which a song or entire album can affect you as a listener and have an impact on who you are. Whether it was a song you heard at a poignant moment, the first song you played live or even the album or song that initially inspired you to take up music.

We’d like to hear about the music that’s changed your life!

So the question is: “What album or song changed your life and why?”

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week I asked, “What makes you connect with a song?”

We had some fantastic answers to this question. Matt Calhoun’s answer on our Facebook page rang true for me:

“If the vocalist really means what they’re singing, you can tell. Anna Nalick’s “Breathe” is a perfect example. Even as a man, I connect with that song. You can tell she wrote it, and you can tell she believes the lyrics.”

Thanks for participating last week. Don’t forget to get involved this week too – as always, we love hearing what you have to say!

– J.