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The Singer as Band Manager?

This week we’re exploring the pro’s and con’s of taking on a leadership role in your band.

As the frontman (or woman) and subsequently the ‘face’ of the band, the singer is often tasked with the less than enviable job of managing their band. This can include arranging rehearsals, liaising with promotors, replying to fans and controlling the group’s online presence. Unfortunately, this is often a thankless task, involving fragile temperaments and inflated egos. This week we’d like to hear your thoughts on how this can be managed successfully!

So the question is: What qualities would you say are essential in a good band leader?

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Great Comments from last week

Last week Craig asked: Which new artist or album is inspiring you at the moment?

Jen Bostic commented…

“Ed Sheeran”

Mikael Elkan wrote…

“The new Daniel Bedingfield EP”

Matt Calhoun responded…

Walk Off The Earth. R.e.v.o”

Ronny Ron Posted…

Kerli, thus Owls and The Deer Tracks”

We’re looking forward to your next comments!

All the best, C x