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The Singers Diet?

This week we’re looking at the dietary needs of a successful singer.  

We’re all fairly familiar with some do-s and don’ts of a singer’s diet, such as avoiding dairy products before singing & drinking warm fluids in the morning to ease the voice into work. However, every singer is different; we each develop an understanding of the things that work – or don’t work. This week we’d like to hear your experiences with this.

So the question is: What food and drink tips do you swear by as a singer?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What advice would you give to a singer looking to increase their vocal stamina?

Vaughn Kristone commented…

Since I’ve been singing on a proper vocal placement this really haven’t been an issue, there are times that I am physically tired, but when I open my mouth to sing I’m surprised that the sound that comes out are solid,healthy and clear. So I guess using the voice properly is the key… one of the things that i do, though, is I gargle warm salt water in the morning and in the evening’.

TokyoTaboo Page wrote…

Making smoothies full of high vitamin fruit and veg. I make one with ginger, orange, lime, lemon & honey – keeps colds and flus away. Obviously lots of sleep & little to no booze helps too’.

Marika Rauscher responded…

Good vocal technique is essential, but ensure you rest vocally and physically when possible to avoid exhaustion. Also ensure to drink plenty water and keep hydrated’.

Excellent discussion this week guys. Please keep posting and commenting.

All the best, C x