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The Song Writing Journey

The singer-songwriter faces unique challenges.

The main one is, perhaps, just keeping the creative momentum going.

Though there are always ‘incubation periods’, it’s just so important not to get stuck, blocked, bogged down, beaten, flummoxed or phased.

Sarah Bella’s blog reflects on her own journey in ways that other singer-songwriters will find inspiring.

Sarah says, “It’s not the typical story, I wasn’t singing at age two, performing at age four, or playing guitar at age six. In fact, I’ve kept quiet the majority of my life; I was listening. I’ve always been fascinated with music, especially lyrics. A great song is a great escape. When I finally did pick up the guitar, songs started pouring out, and they haven’t stopped.

Now Sarah shares important insights for singers who want to keep up their momentum.

Sarah Bella is a singer-songwriter from Michigan with a rapidly growing YouTube fan base. Her recently featured original song, Time Hasn’t Moved, has had over 300,000 views. Sarah’s songwriting recently caught the attention of the film industry and she’s now written the theme song for the independent film Rancho D’Amour. Sarah is also a recent winner of “Detroit’s Got Talent” and has performed original songs at a Detroit Pistons’ game. Check out Sarah’s many original songs on YouTube.