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The Source of Your Inspiration?

This week we’re looking at the places and people from whom you draw your inspiration.

Inspiration can occur at any time and from anywhere – and is the foundation of a memorable performance. For some of us this inspiration comes from listening to our favorite artists, for others, it comes from the relationships with those around us. This week at VoiceCouncil we’d like to hear about the things that inspire you to create and perform music.

So the question is:  When singing or writing songs, from where do you draw your inspiration? 

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: What are the five things you can’t gig without?

Joel Harrison commented…

“Voice, confidence, and emotion”!

Matt Collhoun wrote…

“Water, microphone, health”.

Kayo Kamishima responded…

“Voice, Heart, Audience”.

Wes Maebe wrote…

“Great musicians, a great sound crew and great back-line techs”.

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C x