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The Story of A Viral Christmas Vid

Independent artist Jenn Bostic has been surprised by fan reaction to her song.

She’s been used to getting into her Ford Focus and playing every café and winery she could find.

Now, Jenn Bostic’s vid “Jealous of the Angels” has reached over a million views and has led to new opportunities on two continents.

Jenn reveals the origins of her song and how it has taken the world by storm in this exclusive interview with VoiceCouncil Magazine.

We want to know how your song got to where it is. What did you do?
I was pushing my music career hard in every way I new how, playing as many shows as I could, writing all I could – but I felt stuck. To try something different, I entered into four songwriting competitions.

Which ones?
Four big ones: We Are Listening (UK based), International Songwriting Competition (ISC), USA Songwriting Competition and the John Lennon Song Contest.

We understand you did very well in these…
Interestingly a judge from the UK competition, Jay Frank, heard my music and got in touch with me. Turns out that he actually lived ten minutes from me in Nashville!

But this didn’t mean instant fame.
No – it meant some fantastic connections and the development of my music. I wrote Jealous of the Angels 6 months after that competition and continued to play small venues. I was noticing that the reactions to the song were incredibly strong.

That’s not surprising since “Angels” deals with your father’s death.
I remember performing the song at a café and a woman came up to me in tears to tell me that her dad had passed away the night before and she knew I had sung the song for her. Something like that began to happen at every show.

You’ve definitely “connected” with this song.
Jealous of the Angels is such a special song for me as writing it was a form of therapy from the pain I faced in losing my father. Being so personal, I had no idea the song would impact people the way that it has, comforting those in mourning and helping to heal broken hearts.

Tell us about making the video.
We discussed how we could make a low budget film – with one camera. And we flew to Minnesota to film it in the house I grew up in, on the piano I played as a child.

Aside from the power of the music, how has it gained so many views?
I had about 1,500 truly dedicated fans from my shows. When they saw that I had done this vid, they found it powerful and shared it with others – that’s what started to create the buzz.

Have you continued with the competitions?
Success is funny: I have now entered Angels into over 10 other competitions – with no luck!

It’s a reminder that these competitions are subjective.
Yes – I used to be so heartbroken when my songs – my “babies” – didn’t place. I would think that it was all about me not being “there” yet, but now I realize that isn’t true.

We understand that you’ve had a flood of personal reactions to “Angels”.
Yes, people keep telling me how much the song means to them and that means so much more to me than any piece of paper that says I won a writing competition – I share many of these stories now on my blog.

What’s next?
We’re planning our next steps with US releases. Also I’ve loved touring on the road – maybe now I’ll be able to take a band with me!

Jenn Bostic is a singer songwriter who’s hit song “Jealous of the Angels” is making an impact worldwide, she also recently won five 2012 Independent Country Music Association Awards. www.jennbostic.com

Jealous of the Angels (as a single & album) has just been released on Amazon due to popular demand – watch Jenn’s site for live performance dates in Spring 2013.

  • Hannah Karoshi


  • And yes…what a great number that is !

    Congrats to Jenn for her hard work and dedication which has finally paid off, All that background work with a steady flow of live gigs is the way to go.

    Thanks to TCH’s Voicelive Play GTX I have now been able to add harmony and voice effects to my works and release a couple of CD’s in time for Xmas. Looks like 2013 is shaping up as a great year for fans of Voice Council.


    I have just attended our local church Christmas Eve Service and was blown away by how the local kids and their muso parents put on some really nice vocal renditions, Everybody is into making music in some way or other now which is great to see…..and hear!

    Merry Xmas and be safe one and all.

    Poppa Madison

  • In the end, it’s always the song that connects emotionally that is the key to why it succeeds. Sure it’s the breaks of finding the path to more and more listeners, but the song’s connection with the listeners, who then spread the word that makes it succeed. Jenn has found the way to connect with that passion of the listeners. Jenn’s amazing voice combined with that true emotion of this heartfelt and personal song is just a winning combination. Here’s to Jenn’s continued and growing visibility and success!