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The Ultimate Holiday Vocal?

This week we’re looking at the Christmas songs that warm your heart over the festive season.

Whether it’s the soaring legato melody of ‘Silent Night’ or the drunken ranting of Shane Macgawan in the Pogues essential festive hit, ‘Fairy Tale Of New York’ , we all have a favourite Christmas number. Here at Voice Council we’d really like to hear about the songs that reach your heart during the winter season & inspire fond memories at this festive time of year.

So the question is: ‘Which Christmas/Holiday song has vocals that really cut through and reach your heart?’

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: As a vocalist, how do you get the best out of your sound engineer / producer?

Matt Colhoun wrote:

“Pay them like another member of the band. Because they are. Sound Engineers have the power to make you sound really good or really bad. Treat them well”.

Joshua Drane commented:

“I wouldn’t call those that I’ve worked with “engineers”. Quite frankly, I feel a little insecure when putting my sound in someone else’s hand. One of the main reason for using so much of my own equipment- even at an open mic/ songwriter’s showcase”.

Sharron Day responded:

“Make a BIG effort to get to know them as soon as possible, not just as a vocalist, but as a stage manager I find this is key – and ask them if they have any spares of anything, and if their equipment can handle emergency downloads! Ive been caught out when a backing CD I had seized up at a New Years Eve gig, and when some people at a birthday party requested I sing a song that I knew, but did not have a backing track for. The Lovely Sound Engineers saved my life”!

Thanks again for all your responses, have a merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Craig X