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The Unforgettable Vocalist Is…

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Who is your ‘unforgettable vocalist’? We’d like to know – leave a comment below. VoiceCouncil Magazine is dedicated to exploring issues relevant to singers all over the world. This video features Leontine Hass, Director of Associated Studios in conversation with London Musical Director Leigh Thompson, Actor/Singer Chris Killik and Actress/Singer Karlene Wray.

  • Michael

    The late, great Ray Gillen. To me he was the perfect combination of emotion, range, power, and style. I still get chills when I listen to him.

  • Jmill0773

    Gundula Janowitz and Paul Mccartney!

  • Anonymous

    I’m moved by the earthy and mystical tones of Anja Garbarek – her music is featured in the film Angel A ┬áby Luc Besson

  • I’d add Ray Lamontagne and Chris Cornell. I would’ve said Michael Jackson for my top even before watching the video.