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The World has a Beat! Eva’s Success Story

Eva Lazarus in full swing
Eva Lazarus is championed and playlisted by BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra and has just been nominated for ‘best vocalist’ for the DnB Arena Awards 2015.

Eva shares how her musical support system and vocal muses encourage her to jump out of her comfort zone.

What is unique about your voice?
I love that I have a variety of different tones and styles to choose from. Soft and sweet or Big and bold depending on what style I’m writing to. I love experimenting and being outside of my comfort zone. I learn something new every time I hit the studio. You’d think that having your voice your whole life that you would know it inside out but there is always something new to learn!I love experimenting and being outside of my comfort zone. I learn something new every time I hit the studio

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way
It took me a while getting comfortable playing unfinished music to people for feedback but it really is necessary to expose holes in writing and melody. I used to keep everything close to my chest and I can honestly say that now I have a few people I really trust to be honest to call on for feedback. It has made life writing easier!

A vocal lesson you’ve learned the hard way
Late nights, smoking and drinking alcohol will ruin your voice on a tour! Go to bed, you really don’t need another Gin and Tonic…

A performance FAIL
My worst performance has got to be when i was in my first band ‘W1red’ (yes with a 1 instead of an i haha!) I got really drunk and somewhere in between forgetting my words to a few song and staggering around like a new born calf, I fell over on stage and did NOT manage to style it out. I don’t get drunk like that for shows now, I will chalk that one up to being 18 years old and going through at what I thought at the time was the worst break up of my life. So dramatic!

A performance SUCCESS
My first ever solo show at KOKO supporting Dub FX in London was a huge success for me! I was so lucky to have had a beautiful team to work with, that kind of support is priceless. The show went down really well and the high I felt afterwards was amazing. It’s liberating putting your ideas out there and people responding positively is a beautiful thing!


It’s liberating putting your ideas out there and people responding positively is a beautiful thing! (Image: Eva Lazarus, Facebook)

Favourite vocal gear
I love toys! I use a Boss VE20 and TC Helicon Voice Live 3 Extreme, it’s some of the best fun for creating something really different live and also changes the way I approach writing at home.

How has YouTube helped your music career?
I discovered the most amazing musicians through YouTube! In fact, Mr Woodnote and Dub fx are 2 artists that I saw on YouTube before I moved to Bristol and I loved them. It’s crazy that years later I have toured the world them both and made some great music with them!

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?
Constant battling with the inside voice that used to tell me I should pursue something more “substantial” as a career. There are so many people who view music as something that can’t sustain you and it can make you second guess yourself. Working jobs and using all of my time off, holidays and hours after work to go to the studio and play shows became really exhausting so I decided to make the leap into the self-employed world.

Tell us about your favourite singers
Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote), Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott. All of these women are powerful and self-assured. From having very individual style and delivery all the way through to their styles of writing. I actually met Erykah Badu in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I gave her a necklace made my mother (she makes afrocentric artwork and jewellery) and she was really lovely and very complimentary of my mother’s work! Erykah Badu has such powerful energy, she has Tiger eyes – beautiful and terrifying!

Eva Lazarus in costume

Big afro, big voice and big bass is what Eva Lazarus is all about! Her musical flavours span across genres from Reggae to DnB, Jungle to Hip Hop, Soul and beyond! She has amassed a sea of collaborations and has recently dropped her first Mixtape ‘Konichi-Wah-Gwarn Vol 1′. A recent trip to Red Bull Studios in London gained support from BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Capital, Rinse and Kiss FM.

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