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The Worst Singing Advice You’ve Ever Heard

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From screaming and smoking, to abstaining from water and gargling with strong alcohol – here is the worst ever singing advice.

We asked our Facebook community to share the bizarre and downright harmful remedies and rituals they have ever heard of.

I’ll start with this ridiculous soundbite:

I read a blog advising professional singers to not drink water because the lubrication isn’t ‘slick’.

Hydration is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. If you are properly hydrated you will not feel the need to coat your throat.

Jane West keeps it sober:

Any remedy with booze – probably the worst thing for any serious singer. People will argue it but I suppose we all must do what is best for our own voices.

Alice Rogers Lemke shares how smoking lowers the voice:

They used to tell the Sweet Adeline basses to smoke!

Yeah, please don’t do that!

Duncan Joe Henshall’s top advice to metal singers (jokes!):

Gargle Listerine laced with shattered windscreen to get that rough heavy metal vocal.

Sometimes it’s best to ignore your band mate’s advice, huh?

“Just scream it”, from a guitarist that wanted to do AC/DC.

Jess Soden tells this unfortunate tale:

When I was sick in high school I was told to eat ice cream because it would numb my throat so I could keep singing.

Keir Ogilvy continues the theme:

My brother was told to not sing until his voice had finished breaking.

There are many great voice professionals who deal with young and changing voices who understand this touchy process. Don’t be discouraged by people who dismiss challenging situations.

Susanna Klayman’s voice refuses to be limited by out-dated advice:

Don’t let your larnyx move when you are singing – absolutely nonsensical.

Keri Anderson Hughes takes the open throat technique to new extremes:

 Your throat should be open enough to fit a small pig inside it – I am not making this up.

I mean, how big is your neck?!

Dan Tracey reminds us to ‘warm up’ not ‘wear out’:

Warm up for over an hour (from a guy singing for a HUGELY successful band) He blew his pipe out in two years. Replaced.

Dane Chalfin points out the obvious:

I think the worst advice is usually what singers give each other on the internet.

We love how the internet is a democracy, but this means that there is too much unfiltered information floating about. If in doubt, double check with a professional vocal coach or medical professional.

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    An intresting read, it is very important to get the correct advice, know how to care for your instrument.
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