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This Month’s Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success…

Congratulations to our Peer Review Video winners from October: Michael Fox, Tom Camp, Alfy and William Spears – all have won a TC-Helicon VoiceTone T1 Pedal!

We’ve caught up with each of our winners to share an important thought with the VoiceCouncil Community.

Juicy Tid-Bits

Tom says that it is a myth that singing is only a natural gift and that what you need to sing is the right balance of focus, energy and dedication.

Alfy says to prepare before going on stage have a joke or two ready in case there are technical difficulties and to start with a song you’re comfortable with – this will warm you up and help boost your confidence.

Mike says that his most valuable piece of advice is: you should be yourself, take risks and ‘never worry about how originals sound to others as long as it is from the heart and conveys the message your wishing portray.’

William’s favourite vocal artist is John Mayer as his music seems to be completely thought out- his complex guitar parts, and his deep melodies are genius.

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