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This Month’s Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success

Congratulations to our September Peer Review Video winners (including 2 from August): Lawrence, Pat, Claire, Kelsie, Chris and Matt– all have won a TC-Helicon VoiceTone T1 Pedal!

We’ve caught up with each of our winners to share an important thought with the VoiceCouncil Community.

Juicy Tid-Bits:

Chris Commisso says that not placing in an artist competition for three years was beneficial as it forced him to work harder (he next won first place) Chris believes “Persistence is everything!”

Claire – the sudden loss of security ended up giving Claire the strength to make the leap to singing professionally – she felt she had nothing to lose. Her advice to vocalists is “just close your eyes and leap”.

Kelsie Simpson’s  hero and favourite singer is Park Bom from the group 2NE1 as she never gave up on her dream.

Lawrence Trailer’s favourite quote is from the singer Monserrat Caballé (b. 1933): “When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true.”

Matt Jones encourages singers to work with their nerves rather than against them. “In front of a crowd focus on the back of the room, and then slowly lower your eyes across the entire crowd so they feel included in your performance.”

Pat Meruseye says the best thing he was ever told about singing was, “Don’t force – Let it flow. The sound you look for will come out naturally then. When you feel a certain connection to a song – this is where it begins!”
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