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Tips for Making Music Anywhere

560x200-coverMister Tim shares the gear, the platforms and the ways he keeps his output… up.

Mister Tim is the creator of and artistic director for more than a dozen award-winning vocal groups.

He’s also a published composer and arranger, a YouTube personality, a talented producer, a sought after vocal ensemble coach – and a professional kazoo player.

He’s this month’s returning Vocal Coach in Residence. We asked him to reveal his top tips for creating and sharing music on the move:

Favorite music sharing platforms and why
YouTube. For some reason many people won’t listen to a new song on SoundCloud or ReverbNation (although those are good platforms that I use), but they will watch a video, even if it is just a still image with audio.

What you are able to do now, musically, when travelling that you weren’t able to do 10 years ago
I mixed a whole EP in a cruise ship cabin in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and uploaded the songs to the world as soon as we hit port. That is some INSANE Star Trekky stuff that would have blown ol’ Beethoven’s friggin MIND.


TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Processor

Music/audio gear that you travel with
My basic looping set-up: Wired SM58 into VoiceLive2 into EBS Octabass into BOSS RC-505 into Digitech DL-8 into PA.

The contents of your gig bag
Looping gear (listed above), sharpies, CDs for sale, gig clothes, usually a pile of scribbled notes on ideas for songs or ideas for weird things to do during my next set.

The least amount of audio kit you need to pull off a gig
Mic, mic cable, VoiceLive2, looper, powered 15” speaker. I could set up in 5 minutes and do two hours at the drop of a hat. More gear than that is better, and preferred, but that’s the minimum.

What containers, cases, backpacks do you pack your kit in? Have you found the perfect packing solution(s)?
Road cases (with wheels) for everything at home, suitcases and backpacks (with wheels) for the road- it always boils down to light, safe, and WHEELS.

Favorite music apps these days
Voice Jam Studio

Best vocal warm up when mobile
Sing along to whatever song you are listening to, just sing an octave low, and soft, and with tons of breath support.

How you record and share music on the road
Capture intimate and unique snippets from shows and behind the scenes. You can record with pretty much anything (laptop, tablet, phone, etc). Sharing is freaky easy (beep boop CLICK zoom SHARED).

Let the change and variety of travel inspire you instead of bother you.

Practical eating/diet tips when on the move (travelling etc)
Eat not the nasty things! Find cool local joints (always fun!) and eat the healthy stuff from their menu. Even the less-healthy stuff from their menu is going to be better than fast food.

Tips for keeping up music creativity and output when on the road
Have a way to record your ideas, and let the change and variety of travel inspire you instead of bother you.

Vocal health remedies that work for you on the road
Sleep and don’t talk.

Routines that help you keep focused on the road
Always carve out time for you: in the hotel room, in the green room, in the van while everyone else is in the restaurant, always make time to take care of your personal business and your business-business.

Mister Tim

As an introvert, Mister Tim is invigorated by alone time during travel.

Loneliness preventers
I’m an extreme introvert, alone time during travel is invigorating for me. Learn how to entertain yourself with something worthwhile; you have the sum of all knowledge from all of known history at your fingertips; if you are ever bored then you are doing it wrong.

How does creating/sharing music on the move differ to when you are at home?
The limitation of gear and convenience compared to home can lead to greater productivity (fewer options to choose from) plus there are potentially less distractions on the road (at home I always have an excuse to fix a cupboard door or go check the mail or make lunch for the kids or…).

Best musical idea capturing technology when you are struck with a musical brain-wave on the move?
Pen and paper.

MisterTim02Mister Tim www.mistertimdotcom.com is a published composer, award-winning recording artist, and in-demand performer, teacher & performance coach. In addition to an active performing and touring schedule with his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows, Mister Tim sings with Boulder, CO-based Celtic Rock band Delilah’s Revenge, manages the… Read More

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