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Tips for Recording Your Vocals at Home

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Tips for Recording Your Vocals at Home

Wes Maebe, Studio and Live Sound Engineer, shares insights on recording your voice from the Engineer’s point of view.

  • Al Andrew

    Great Vid !
    A lot of this info is a no brainier …but what is very important in the intuition of Wes and it’s great to see a ” Music First ” approach ! As well as a sensible and practical mindset to the recording process !

  • Skiday

    There’s nothing wrong with what’s said, but I do think the wearing a hat indoors just makes you look stupid in a “Hey! I’m in the music recording business and think I’m a celebrity” kind of way. I’m sure your recording ability is great, but if I met you I would think less of you because of it. At least you don’t have a scarf as well like Dane Chalfin the vocal coach!

  • miharmony

    I wonder how many magnificent people, and thus opportunities you miss by choosing to think less of them because of some outward appearance. Even if you don’t say anything, the person can feel the judgment and it will, in fact, have and effect on your career.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this fantastic introduction, Wes.  Love your style and what you’ve said – just right for someone like me who has relied on others but want to know more myself. Can’t wait for your next vids! 

  • CarmelValleyK

    Some days,
    I get so lost in the music, I never get around to taking a shower; I’d be very
    likely to wear a hat on such a day, just to control my unwashed and unruly
    hair. What a saddening shame that you’d miss the inspiring magic that kept me
    so pre-occupied, just because you’ve got the idea that you already know (every
    one else’s story). Maybe a liberating epiphany is coming your way, ’cause
    there’s apparently some volcanic energy behind your powerful judgment. You
    obviously feel strongly about the subject.

    We’d all
    love the music to be about us sometimes; it’s an unmatched power, a true wonder.
    But, luckily, it’s not about us. Give what demands release in you to music and
    let the rest fall away in the blast. The Muse is the great Giver, but in the
    spirit of balance, has no choice but to first be the Great Receiver. Your offer
    will not be refused.

    Toodles, friend,


  • rettbergj

    Thanks for your insight. Sharing knowledge is always a precious commodity.

  • scg

    sounds like he’d be a nice chap to work with!

  • Anthony

    Everyone should be able to feel proud about themselves, their talents and their own way of branding themselves. Wes looks neat clean and tidy, not uncouth in attire or *physiognomy (*ref. Joseph Conrad’s “The Ancient Mariner”), and in spite of his own humorous self-put downs probably does not have B.O.  He looks more like an expensive Monsieur avec Le Deodorante to me!
    What our friend Skiday needs to do is to “wake up and get an attitude change, devoid of assumption”.  His way of deriding others is an anathema to me. How the opinions were expressed gives me to believe that if I had the option to choose spending one minute of time with Skiday or Wes Maebe in order to MAYBE(no pun intended) learn something, the latter’s would most likely be the one whose company I would enjoy,  be able to share experiences with and learn FROM and benefit from the time invested.  An almost 70yrs lifetime of experience has enabled me to conclude that “Self-righteous  Know-it-alls” are generally, little more than ” A verbal expression of a closed mind and an empty brain!”

  • Anthony

    Digitising so as to re-create the true reality of analogue logarithmic sound to best advantage is as much an art as any other human endeavour.
    I have just this week, learned from well-qualified and seasoned Pro Musician /Sound Engineer  that the song I recorded on cassette almost 35 years ago and played for him, excited him more and grabbed his creative energies and his need to do something with it to make it a more marketable product, than any of the works I produced using my DIGITAL computer over the past five years!
    That’s ANALOGUE for yah….I guess !”

  • Love this video and the simple, practical approach. You are very fun to listen to and your little tips are very helpful to a singer whose been singing for about 15 years, but just moved to the studio. THANK YOU!