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Tips for Keeping Your Voice in Peak Condition When Touring

It’s really difficult to control your schedule and your environment, and it can be hard to stay in peak condition whilst travelling and touring.

Denosh Bennett is a singer and dancer who has performed alongside mega stars like Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and Jay-Z.

She has learned the hard way how travelling and touring impacts the voice so we asked her how she keeps her voice in check with such a packed diary.

Travelling takes its toll

I have travelled a lot with a tight schedule which has caused a lot of fatigue and stress, and unfortunately led me to suffer from major vocal haemorrhages.

I am very adamant about my vocal warm ups and vocal care now as a result. That is the one good thing to come out of my injuries.

Now my voice is really healthy and I don’t have any problems or feel exhausted after shows. I now completely understand my voice and how to get it to work properly.

8 Touring essentials       

In order to maintain this health, I make sure I put into place the following things to protect my voice when travelling:

1. I have a mouth mask that I travel with. It’s black and looks like Bane, the character from Batman! I bought it from Amazon to protect against the elements, particularly during flights.

2. I have a saline nebuliser. Besides steaming, it really keeps my voice hydrated.

3. I always carry a pack of drinking straws in my handbag so I can keep my voice warmed up and agile by humming through them.

4. On long haul flights, I have to compensate for fluid loss by drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

5. I make sure I avoid alcohol, particularly the night before gigs. I limit alcohol in general.

6. I try to maintain a good diet. I avoid eating acidic things before shows – at least a couple of hours to make sure my food is digested.

7. I always have a little pack of Grether’s Pastilles to keep my throat feeling lubricated.

8. The biggest challenge is finding time to rest! I avoid going out late or being in smoky environments. Sometimes I just can’t be as included in that sort of stuff. I might go out for a little bit but leave and then compensate for beating my voice up!

Very few performers have as impressive, extensive, and broad a resume as Denosh Bennett: with a two-decade career in entertainment, she is an accomplished, versatile, and highly sought-after singer and dancer who has mastered every aspect of the live performance, making her an invaluable asset to any artist and tour. As artistic director she is the go-to expert and one-stop-shop, to turn a good show into a great one. www.denoshbennett.com

  • Gina Hocking

    Thanks for the tips.

    For me, the biggest things that make a difference to my vocal performance are keeping hydrated and food. I couldn’t live without Gaviscon as I get really bad reflux. I find warm water with honey and lemon good before a performance too.

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