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TL – Secrets cover

TL short for Tabitha Luna was born on July 22, 1992, in a regular town in Netherlands called Leiden. Anybody who sees TL for the first time immediately wonders what the story is behind this girl with her neck and arms covered in tattoo’s. After TL lost her father at the age of 9 a difficult period started. Despite the fact that things weren’t easy there was always music. At the age of 12 TL joined a theatre school and also applied for various casting agencies. She started to write and sing at home on beats that she found on YouTube, slowly developing her voice. When TL was 14 years, with the approval of her mother, TL signed a management and record deal with Artistik Records who believes that TL is ready to bring something new and unique to the Pop and Urban music scene.

  • Hi TL!

    Very exotic and stripped down approach. This isn’t an easy song to pull off and I really enjoy your emotive interpretation. Although I’m a big fan of vocal effects, it’s even lovelier to hear a natural voice crooning, such as yours. I do think you should have been standing up though, especially when you starting kicking it! It’s less constricting and I can’t see you being a creature fond of restraint!



  • Mudcat

    Good vocal definitely has lots of potential, I wish you’d loose the lip pierce though ( that dates me) and like Brian, standing might have helped put it out there better, but very intimate and passionate.