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Tom Burke’s 7-Day Voice Cleanse

Tom Burke’s 7-Day Voice CleanseHere is a short routine that you can use for 7 days to keep your singing in top form.

Long rehearsals, travelling, performing and working a day job demand a lot from your voice. Singing consistently with power and flexibility in challenging situations requires that your voice, mind and body be in top form.

Tom Burke tells singers to try his “voice cleanse” which is a short morning routine for seven days that will help you get the best out of your voice:

Why do a Voice Cleanse?

Before I explain how the voice cleanse works, let me introduce you to my line of thinking:


A. Let’s say you want to prepare your voice for training or performing today.
B. Well, you can’t sing if you can’t breathe.
C. You can’t breathe well if your muscles are tight.
D. You can’t release your muscles if your alignment is out of whack, or if you have swelling from allergies or irritations.
E. You can’t align your bones if your joints are out of whack.
F. You can’t mobilize your joints if you dehydrated.
G. You can’t do any of this if you are not present.

7-Day Voice Cleanse


Now you are ready to do whatever singing work you need to do today

Here are the seven activities for each morning that address list above in reverse order. Just click on the one you want to know more about…

7.  Meditation
6.  Hydration
5.  Joint openers
4.  Align your body and remember to eat well
3.  Stretches
2.  Breathing exercises
1.  Vocal conditioning exercises

Ready to work

Now you can choose your own adventure. Work on your repertoire. Tackle specific challenges in your songs.

Your voice, body and mind are ready to do serious vocal work.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Jose Garcia Jose Garcia - Yesterday I Heard The Rain

Hi Jose. Great rep choice for your voice. I really appreciated your connection to the text. I noticed that you seemed even more connected when singing in Spanish. This is very common that people can be even more authentic and specific when singing in their native tongue. Experiment with how you can integrate the two. The intro is long and that can be used in your favor. I wanted to be immersed in the story from the beginning from the end. Notice that you looked at the producer or off camera during the intro and outro. Experiment with entering the story from the first note and staying there to the last without disconnecting visually.

Why I chose Jose Garcia as a Finalist

I am putting Jose forward to the next level of the competition due to his connection with the text and great choice of song for his voice.

Tom Burke BioTom Burke is a speech-pathologist and voice coach for Broadway, Film, TV and Google. He developed the world’s first online vocal conservatory, Broadway VoiceBox with members in over 19 countries and growing fast. Find out more about his work here:

Voice Box | www.tomburkevoice.com