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Tom Camp – The One

My name is Tom Camp, I am an aspiring singer/songwriter from New Jersey. I am always looking to further myself and hope to gain the power to inspire others through writing. Please listen-Tom Camp www.tomcampmusic.com www.twitter.com/tomcampmusic

  • Anonymous

    Wow Tom – great mix with your sounds – catchy tune – very impressed. Like your natural manner of communicating which comes across excellently on vid. You are going places. I watch all the Peer Review vids at VoiceCouncil and this is outstanding.

  • KowBoy Tom

    Tom Camp, thoroughly enjoyable video jam. Thank you. What are you using to process your voice? The presence is amazing.-KowBoy Tom

  • Drivethruqueen649

    Awesome..what more is there to say…???   Keep up the good work..!!!

  • Doc

    excellent througout… very good vocals and guitar lick at the end was a nice addition..thanks..

  • Hello Tom,

    Great sound.  You look great on video, engaging, and confidant.  You’ve got a fresh modern sound and it’s quite evident that you’ve taken the time to get things right.  I’m not that into this type of music but I hafta’ say that you’re undeniably good and bound to go far in your field!  Nothing rough to say here…you’re whole band is great and you’re onto something.  Thanks for sharing…very well done!



  • Anonymous

    Your very very good in a mainstream pop sort of way, which is something I mean as a compliment. My only suggestion would be to think up a better stage name. I mean, Axl Rose started out as William (Bill) Bailey. Dylan was Bobby Zimmerman. Tom Camp? How about Tommy Tramp? Just a suggestion! I’m sure you can come up with a better one. After all, my name is Tom Robinson, so I struggle with the same problem.

  • Michael Fox

    Well as i am a fan of BNL and this sound fits in well with the style for me!
    Very bright and easy to listen to.
    Please don’t worry about name changing as your name is fine. It will be your performance that will carry you through and your name will be the advert for your sound and what better advert than your own name?

  • K Mello

    I wouldn’t change your name unless it’s something you already want to do. It’s all about the music, and I LOVE what I hear and feel here! I compliment you on your presence and how your apparent warmth and comfort is unavoidably contageous. You have obvious talent and a great voice!

    I imagine that the muse is very, very happy with you TC!