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Tony Woollacott – Desperado cover

  • Iversonmatthew

    I like the feeling you put in to this. Your project that well…after only watching this I would say that is a strong point of yours musically. Might be good to expand on that.

  • Marc de la Torre

    Great song! Your voice definitely fits this song. One of my all time favorites

  • Bill

    Tony – nice job. Be sure to sit up (or stand up) to allow better support for your voice, as there is some vocal strain evident during high parts – which leads to pitch issues and vocal damage over time. You have a great Rod Stewart sound that goes well with the song !! As long as that is your natural sound (and you are not pushing your voice to sound like today’s popular vocalists) some added support will put the icing on the cake…

  • Hi Tony,

    I’ve always loved this song. It’s a tough one to sing. You do a pretty good job of making it your own but it sounds slightly out of your vocal range. Try detuning it so that the song fits you vs. the other way around. Either way you’ve got a good vibe and you emote well. Thanks for sharing brother!