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Top 5 Apps for Singers and Singing Practice

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Fine tune your ears and refresh your theory knowledge with these essential apps for singers.

1. Virtual Piano Keyboard

Virtual Piano Keyboard logo

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a keyboard or piano to practice with, which is why Virtual Piano Keyboard is a great app to have.

This app is a portable keyboard and voice recorder that is perfect for finding your starting notes and keys, and recording your practice sessions. One bonus about this app is that the keyboards range is not limited and unlike other apps, you can easily scroll between octaves when practicing.

Download: Virtual Piano Keyboard for iOS | Virtual Piano Keyboard for Android

2. iRhythmic

iRhythmic logo

Metronomes are so important, especially when learning quick and difficult runs, and iRhythmic is the perfect combination of metronome and teacher.

This app allows you to change the time signature, as well as the tempo and also enter your own rhythms into the app. This is great when you are trying to learn specific rhythms that you are finding difficult to work out! The fact you can change so much within the app sets iRhythmic apart from other Metronome apps. Unfortunately, it is not available on Android, but don’t worry because Jelly Metronome is a great substitute with a fun interface and very similar features.

Download: iRhythmic for iOS | Jelly Metronome for Android

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3. SwiftScales

SwiftScales logo

Warming up properly is vital in any singers’ routine, and SwiftScales provides a variety of scales to help you do so.

With SwiftScales you can use the preset warm-ups specifically suited to your range, or create your own scales and save them to the app. The best thing about this app is that once you have created your own scale, you can share it with other people with ‘Scale Codes’; perfect if you want to swap routines, or share scales with students to ensure they warm up correctly.

Download: SwiftScales for iOS | SwiftScales for Android

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4. Harmony Voice

Harmony Voice logo

Singing and creating harmonies is a difficult skill to learn, but Harmony Voice will work out your own harmonies and practice them.

With this app you can listen to the harmonies the app creates while you sing the melody line, or sing harmony line on top of track imported from your music library. Unfortunately, this app is only available on iOS, but if you are an Android user, why not try a recorder like the J4T Multitrack Record, so that you can record one or two lines and practice singing another over the top.

Download: Harmony Voice for iOS | J4T Multitrack Record for Android
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5. ABRSM Aural Trainer

ABRSM Aural Trainer

Aural tests and ear training can sometimes feel repetitive and boring, but ABRSM is an engaging way to practice your aural skills, whether you are working towards an exam or not.

The app will work you through aural exercises that increase in difficulty, which means you can practice and improve your aural skills. Make sure you use the interval trainer this app provides. It is the perfect tool to use when you want to improve your sight singing. Although this app isn’t available for Android, you can use AuralBook for ABRSM, which will provide the same progressive training and the official ABRSM app.

Download: ABRSM Aural Trainer for iOS | AuralBook for Android

Bonus – Voice Cross Trainer

This app crosses several singing boundaries – so didn’t fit neatly into our single categories above. But those serious about developing their singing will want to get Voice Cross Trainer designed by top vocal coach Kim Chandler.

This app provides a training course of essential pop vocal skills and concepts combining video demos, written descriptions and sing-along audio clips. It’s much more than a warm-up tool; it teaches exercises with modes, rhythms and intervals which will be common to singers in contemporary genres.

Download: Voice Cross Trainer for iOS and Voice Cross Trainer for Android.
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-Ruby Foster is a musician in Leeds, UK. You can see more articles from her here.

  • bw

    So you’ve listed the Harmony Voice app as a ‘top 5’ but it only gets 2 stars??

  • Christian Savalas

    Great list :)

  • helenkosings

    Having trouble reading the original reviews. Each time I click on the link to “Read our full review…” I get a “403 Forbidden” error message.

  • Gina Hocking

    I wouldn’t be without my virtual piano! Going to try the harmony app – sounds interesting but kind of takes away the fun a little!
    Session singer | Gina Ellen

  • Bambino Guava

    Fuck ios and android. Recommend us the best pc software to tune your voice and ACTUALLY practice like you were in a singing class. Even if we need to buy a good microphone I dont care. Have some common sense with the apps you list here. Aural Trainer, for Christ sake. Pfff.

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