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* …couching requests (and sometimes outright demands) for more cooperation from the venue in terms of their dollars lost or gained often generates a positive response faster than… from Charles on Vocal Relationships That Work

* Looking for best mic can be frustrating. There is no one best mic. I have had good luck with… from kimbutler on Leave a Comment and Win

* I’ve spent the last 12 years drinking iced britvic 55 on stage. After reading this I took a glass of room temp water and the difference was amazing!! from Mark on W.A.T.E.R. Sound Advise for Singers

* In a world where we are constantly judged (and judge ourselves) on what we are ‘doing’ rather than what we are ‘trying to do’, it’s really hard to pat yourself on the back for even attempting to…. from Kate on Guts to Pursue Your Vocal Career

* Even a self-massage of the face and neck area could be incorporated into the singer’s warm-up routine to promote vocal freedom. Also (ok, this may sound awful), another good exercise is… from angielynn on Time for a Vocal Massage

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Paco Santolaya – for the comments provoking the most reactions. Paco comes from Madrid (see Web Ones).

…another question which is bothering me since a couple of years. In my repertoire there are some songs which I have been singing so many times that I am absolutely sick about them. I try… on Pacticing Performance

Gary McKinney – for the sheer number of relevant and insightful remarks:

At last — PRACTICAL advice on how to get vocal gigs. Open mics, make a demo, get it into the hands of as many people as possible and then the key word — perseverance! Phil King: Getting Vocal Gigs

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  • Today I have received my prize for the comments contest!!! I can't wait to connect it and try it. The rest of this week I am at the studio recording voices for my band's second release, but next week I'll take it to my rehearsal room and test all of its features. My equipment is a Peavey XR-696-F connected to two PV 215 speaker cabinets. I am very happy with this system: the sound is really good. Perhaps a little bit expensive but worth the price. My mic is a Shure SM58. So this is what I will use to explore my new VoiceTone Correct pedal!!!! I promise a detailed review. Thank you Voice Council.

  • DReed

    Just wanted to pass on some fun info for singers who want to strenthen core muscles which are much needed for controlled singing.
    Grab one of those fitness balls and sit on it while you are on the computer, or practicing your guitar, or watching TV.(yes guys too!) Do this for at least 30 minutes each day, and you will be amazed at how fast the core strenthens, and you don't even have to do those exercises along with it. Guys, no one will see you at the computer! Try it it works!

  • garymckinney

    I received my prize today. I chose the VoiceTone Create pedal to go along with my band's Correct and Harmony-G (which we love by the way). Looking forward to some exciting new vocals.