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Top Solutions for Stage Fright


Here is your “emergency kit” to tackle performance anxiety – the very best wisdom from top performance coaches.

Many singers face it. Many have figured out how to overcome it, and so can you.

We searched the archives for our 7 best VoiceCouncil articles that offer wisdom and tips on the battle against stage fright.

Just choose a title that leaps out at you – you”ll find the tools you need.


miccheck copy copyTurn Stage Fright into Stage Presence –by Judy Rodman
“I better be better than everyone else” and other voice-freezing thoughts can be overcome when you focus on what your real job is: to communicate. Read More.


miccheck copy copyThe Benefits of Being Brave –by Juliet Russell
Taking risks in your online roulette music and your career may be uncomfortable, but it will let you reach your goals. Read More.


miccheck copy copySolve Performance Fears –by Daniel Borch
Explore the difference between fear and nerves, then how to use visualization to overcome them. Read More.


miccheck copy copyThe Freaked Out Vocalist -by Mary Beth Felker
“I suck. I think I’m getting sick. Will people pity me?” You can overcome this cognitive sickness chorus with Mary Beth’s counter chorus. Read More.


miccheck copy copyStage Fright or FIGHT? -by Mary Beth Felker
Five steps to pulling off a successful show when stage fright, and time away from the stage threaten your confidence. Read More.


miccheck copy copyMistakes, Embarrassment and Recovery –by Petra Tool
Be one with the band, do lots of jamming and get on stage often. These are the things that will set you up to be comfortable when mistakes happen. Read More.


miccheck copy copyI’m not Confident! –by Leontine Hass
When you have been away from singing, get back in the game by creating performance opportunities that don’t matter to your career. Read More.