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Top Tips for Your Website

Find your voice on-line with these tips for improving your website.

A good and functional website can make all the difference in the world, as well as give you an edge of professionalism.

It’s also an excellent tool for promoting your skills and showcasing your sound.

For those of you who already have a website, ensure that it employs these ‘Top Tips’…

Top Tips

* Keep it clean and simple: The more user-friendly, efficient, clean and uncluttered your website is, the more appealing it will be to visitors and the more likely they will be to visit it again. It also is helpful and efficient for press.

* Let the design reflect your style: Selecting a web design template can be an undertaking chore. But let your voice, musical and performance styles be your guide. The two should complement one another.

* Keep it clear: Nothing is worse than having to scroll mindlessly, navigate gimmicky links or take time out to go on a website scavenger hunt. Keep your website easy to use by labeling everything clearly, making it easy to read and clearly communicated. Not all frills are beneficial. Sometimes less truly is more.

* Keep it up-to-date: Always keep bios, performance dates, photos and information current and accurate.

Using these guidelines, vocalists will be able to improve their web-presence and help others find their voice online.

Creating a Site

If you don’t have a website, there are various low-cost and even free web domains with a variety of creative templates that you need not have a degree in web design to start or maintain.

Anna Laube, an independent singer and songwriter based in Madison, Wis., in the United States, hosts her website through Bandzoogle.com.

“I’ve had a fair few website iterations – this may be the third or fourth,” Laube said. “I’ve done them all myself using templates, and I am most happy with this one.”

To get it up and running, Laube created pages, uploaded content, including a bio and press, and included press images.

“I think the images are the best part of my new site, as I know for myself I get bogged down with too much text,” Laube said.

“Uploading and formatting all the images – like on the press page – took the most time. But, in general, it’s a pretty easy system to maneuver.”

Laube plugged Bandzoogle for its audio options, as well as its pan-site streamer and Paypal compatibility—though VoiceCouncil readers are also praising the versatile WordPress.

Opportunites for Your Site

“It’s essential to have an online presence as that is a main conduit for many people these days,” Laube said.

“One reason is for press. They get so much coming at them it is important to have things easy and quick on the web, like downloadable press photos and accessible audio. I’m shocked how many musicians’ sites I go to where I can’t easily listen to at least a song or two.

“Pandora and other online radio stations, like Last.fm, are becoming huge, and I know a fair amount of people have heard me first there, and my royalties for online are vastly larger than terrestrial radio at this point,” Laube added.

Clutter also is something to keep in check, Laube said, adding that less is more.

Websites: Love or Hate?

Singers sometimes have a love/hate relationship with the business of music.

On one hand, it’s the vehicle that allows them to make a living through their art, self-promote and gain more exposure and recognition.

But on the other hand, it can be difficult and overwhelming to know where and how to start – especially with web related activities.

But these difficulties can be easily overcome – especially in relation to your website.

Check out this fantastic guide on VoiceCouncil to getting your website up and running – and remember that a little effort in grooming your on-line presence can make a huge difference…

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Megan Gloss is a writer, journalist and vocalist based in the United States. E-mail her at mgloss@mchsi.com.