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Top Tips on Singing – and Life.

Jeannie Deva singing into a mic

Jeannie Deva helps artists move ahead in every area of their career.

She’s coached A-list artists and her many books demonstrate her mastery of all areas that affect a singer’s life.

But we’ve asked Jeannie Deva to think on her feet and tell us the first thing that comes to mind when asked for her top tips.

  • Best Tip You’ve Heard on Performing
    Your audience are your friends.
  • Vocal Health Tip
    A singer I was in the studio with recently spent most of the session clearing his throat. We finally had to cancel the rest of the session – Why? He had cheese, milk and a big cup of coffee an hour before the session start!
    Never miss a networking opportunity
  • Promoting Your Music Tip
    Never miss a networking opportunity – It’s amazing how many times I meet a musician who has neglected to bring their professional card with them.
  • Relating To Fans Tip
    Fans are the reason we’re in this business – without them we have no one to listening to our music – treat them like gold.
  • Relating to Fans on Facebook/Twitter Tip
    Keep them regularly up-to-date on what you’re doing professionally as well as any personal points of interest – that’s why they’re following you.
  • Venue Tip
    I just said to a singer yesterday: “If you hate that venue, either sort out why or don’t book it!”
  • Vocal Warm Up Tip
    You can always try singing the melody of one of your songs without lyrics while using a buzz-y vibration to quickly warm-up your voice: lip-trills and nose buzzes are good for this.
  • Getting Into Performance Mode Tip
    Get your body in gear with stretches and vocal warm-ups and your mind in gear by visualizing yourself connecting with your audience as you mentally sing through each song in your set.
    Best way to recover from a mistake: keep going
  • Rescuing Yourself After a Mistake Tip
    Best way to recover from a mistake: keep going – don’t draw attention to it – whether yours or a band mate’s – the audience will usually not notice unless you draw their attention to it!.
  • Response to A Negative Comment Tip
    Make it a joke: Laughing in the face of expressed negativity dissolves the potential power of the one who tried to get you down.
  • Relax and Chill Out Tip
    I find it really helpful to take walks and look around – even driving to a new location and finding new things to see can really take the edge off and give you a feeling of space and relaxation.
  • Keeping Spirits Up Tip
    Set daily and achievable goals and acknowledge yourself with each accomplishment: The small details add up and create the bigger picture.
  • Family and Friends Tip
    A supportive family and friends make life more enjoyable and less stressful but it’s a two way street – you get what you give.
  • Working With New Instrumentalists Tip
    Help them out – give them recordings and any sheet music (if they read music) beforehand with enough time for them to learn the parts prior to coming to a rehearsal.
  • Staying Interested in Daily Practice Tip
    I was just telling a voice student of mine that to help myself stay disciplined, I used to keep a written daily practice record and reward myself after each week of daily practice.
    Sing songs you love
  • Best Tip You’ve Received on Singing
    Sing songs you love; if you don’t believe in what you sing no one else will.

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Jeannie Deva is a celebrity voice and performance coach, recording studio vocal producer and originator of the world renowned Deva Method®, Complete Voice Technique for Stage and Studio™ now celebrating 37 years of helping singers achieve excellence. Endorsed by producers and engineers of Aerosmith, Bette Midler and many others, Jeannie teaches in her Los Angeles studios as well as… READ MORE.

Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids
-from the VoiceCouncil Team

Irish – Lifehouse Cover

Your sound captures the mellow vibe of the song and you are doing a good job of nailing the quick passing notes that decorate phrases such as “I don’t know why..”. It took courage to play an instrument that is fairly new to you – well done. As you become more comfortable with this song you will find it gets easier to maintain more energy throughout your performance. Watch your intonation on a few phrases, particularly, “..all of the people..”. Try this exercise: put down the guitar, and try singing the whole chorus with no words, just ‘da da da’. See how free and buoyant you can make your voice feel. Then keep that freedom and posture as you add the words back in and pick up the guitar.

Sarah Joy – Gabrielle Aplin Cover

Your dynamics, expressiveness and vocal delivery transported us into your world with the first note you sang. You commanded your voice gracefully with honest emotion. Great job! Your breathy sound adds to the intimacy of this song, but be sure to keep a good amount of tone in your voice as well, or else your vocal cords may become dried out from all that air rushing over them. I loved the natural and intimate way you delivered the words, but do take care with annunciation – I missed a few words. Still, a powerful performance. Well done!

Jordan – Titanium (Cover)

You are a talented young musician with a memorable sound. You have a good comfort level with this song and showed finesse in your vocal delivery. It was hauntingly lovely. You navigated successfully between vocal registers, and your tuning was solid, although the long ‘a’ sound in ‘titanium’ had some tension which made that note a little under pitch. A singing teacher will help you work out any tension or vowel placement issues to fix this. Explore how you might bring more emotional connection to the song. There must be great pain behind the song’s strong lyrical façade. How can you express that as a singer? What would it feel like to let your ‘dark side’ show through more? Can’t wait to hear you again.

  • ….I do not agree with the negative comment tip…..I do just the opposite….”I’m sorry you feel that way. What is it that you didn’t like?”….at that point, either they give constructive criticism…which is good, or they can’t come up with any specifics…..which usually means that their opinion doesn’t carry much water…..and certainly not valid enough to get upset about……

  • Jeannie Deva

    Hi Darryl, I totally agree with you. The context I was speaking of was not clear. The context my tip was responding to was: When you’re in the midst of a performance and someone shouts out something negative. What you do when in an interpersonal exchange is a great way and great attitude! Thanks for contributing.