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Top Troubleshooting Tips for Live Sound

Have you ever faced sound problems at a live show? Take a look through these 5 popular VoiceCouncil articles – you may just find the exact solution you need.


  1. Monitor Feedback

Don’t you hate it when your monitors are causing awful, screechy feedback? This article explains what to do to avoid the squeals and have a great show.


  1. Hums and Buzzes

You are setting up for a show and there is a loud, annoying hum. Oh NO! Don’t panic. There is a way to troubleshoot this issue. TC-Helicon’s Tom Lang will walk you through.


  1. Bad Sound System at the Venue

You show up at a venue, and the sound system is totally sub-par. New York vocal coach Michael Ferraiuolo explains how to make the most of it now, and be better prepared for next time.


  1. No Sound Check

Sometimes you only get a “line check” and not a full “sound check.” Beatboxer, singer, and world Loopstation champion, SK Shlomo tells you how to maximize your success.


  1. Monitor Level Dangerously Loud

When monitor levels get too loud, it brings down the quality of your show and can actually damage your ears. Here is the legendary producer Bill Gibson to tell you how to get your monitor level working for you.