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Tori Fuson – Take Care cover

Hi! I’m Tori Fuson. I’m a 25 year old singer-songwriter from Florida, with a BA in Theatre and a passion for music. After enrolling some close friends in an effort to promote my music, I’ve amassed a Facebook following (Tori Fuson Music) of over a thousand fans without producing a single record. It’s all about drive, work, and truly enjoying what you do. YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways to gain support, and I hope to gain yours on VoiceCouncil as well! Generally, people compare me to Colbie Callait, Pink, and Adele, so have a listen and let me know what you think

  • MacDaddy1960

    Nice! I think you have a little Tracey Chapman sound mixed in there too.,,,

  • poppa madison

    Nicely performed and I am sure meaningful for those to whom this style of singing and playing has great appeal.
    This style does not appeal to me in any way, but then that is only testament to the fact that we all have our musical preferences and choose to monetarily support those who produce works that make us want to sit up and listen.
    In my lifetime I have learned that one’s whole body of musical experiences is what channels one’s ongoing interest in particular music genres.

    I find it very difficult to shrug off all the emotion that has been tied up in that for many years to lean to another style or genre within Western music culture.
    Is this the musical barrier that comes between generations that causes Mums and Dads to find ways to try and block off the sound of the music emanating from their teens bedrooms?
    And yet, I find myself almost unconditionally both open-eared and emotionally stimulated listening to songs(the language I cannot comprehend) and music from other Non-Western cultures having entirely different musical instrumentation and structure.
    Music and song is indeed an odd and powerful mental force and we are so very fortunate to have it as part of our human and whole-of-life experience.