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Tracy Finley – Lucky Break Season 2 Week 11

I have been singing all of my life and recently decided to work on becoming professional looking for input good or bad….. Be blessed

  • Hi Tracy!

    Soulful performance! Congrats on taking the plunge. I say this every time I hear a cover song, but I really enjoy listening to people's originals most. I feel that cover songs give us a great jumping point but can also box us in or force us to copy a style that may or may not be correctly suited for us long term.

    You seem nervous in the beginning and your voice is shaky, causing your pitch to waver. But, when you dig in, you really shine! After the first couple of lines I was tapping my foot and singing right along with you.

    I want you to watch this video again and look at the faces of your audience. They don't seem very moved and I don't think it's because you did all that bad. In it's original state, this is a very moving song. I really liked when you started moving, crouching down, and lifting up…this is when you began to believe in what you were doing. Do that all of the time my friend and you will woo many!

    From an image perspective you may want to spark it up a bit. You have a pretty face, so trade out the glasses for contacts, which will help create a sexier YOU and appear less like mom. Not that mom's are bad – haha…I love mine dearly, but you get what I'm saying…it's the industry…if you've got it, flaunt it! Make people pay attention.

    I hope that you do continue your carreer as a singer. A good vocal coach and some free jamming would do you wonders Tracy. Try scatting, to find interesting melodies and rhythms that can be driven by the voice! Keep smiling, fill those lungs with air..and SING your heart out :)