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Treasure Today’s Musical Moment

Treasure Today's Musical Moment
Ethno-musicologist Dave Gray encourages live in the present while dreaming of a great musical future.

Future Projection

Pick a moment in the future and envision what it would be like with a perfectly composed or recorded piece of music.

Then ask yourself: what would it feel like? What were the steps that I took to get there? Would I feel more complete or would the project need more work?

Be Where You Are

Those feelings that you came up with can actually be accessed today.

It is easy to daydream of future musical endeavors. But, we should remember that while we are focused on our plans, we miss creative opportunities happening today.

We can get so focused on planning for the future that the music in front of us right now goes unnoticed

We may take great pride in being well organized and how we are able to plan ahead. After all, it certainly is no flaw to plan ahead, as many things in music requires careful planning.

That being said, we can get so focused on planning for the future that the music in front of us right now goes unnoticed.

Living in future expectations and awaiting potential results is what does us the most harm.

Each minute is precious to us and will never return.

Whatever we might experience in music right now will not come to us in that particular way ever again.

We forfeit the moment living in either past or future.

Remember that we can always check back in no matter where we are, just as quickly as we wandered off.

We may need to keep reminding ourselves not to let the moment pass us by, and with practice and cultivation, living in the present can become as natural as breathing and eating.

A Final Word

Use this sentence to get grounded in life today:

Today I will remind myself that this musical moment is the best part of my day and enjoy it for everything that it is worth.

Dave Gray

Dave Gray has performed on, produced and engineered hundreds of projects. He is also an ethnomusicologist; his PhD specializes in the production techniques of multi-award winning Canadian music producer Daniel Lanois. Dave started producing and engineering after working with Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. Gray has also performed and recorded with artists from major labels: Columbia, Wind Up, Warner Bros. and Capital records. See his Website and Canadian Recordings Website.