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Tripping & Recovery in the Middle of a Song

Tripping in the Middle of a Song

Rising star Bela Ferreira takes us behind the scenes in her attempts to build a musical career.

Portuguese–Canadian singer Bela Ferreira recently won the IPMA music awards for Best Rock Song of the Year with her brothers – all three form the group Menage.

They’re now pursuing their musical dreams in Los Angeles. We caught up with Bela and asked her the lessons she’s learning on the way to pushing her career ahead.

Biggest challenge to breaking out and sharing your music:
Getting over my shyness and insecurities.

Something’s that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience.
Being honest and writing music that’s from the heart and our day to day lives.

A performance FAIL.
Tripping and falling – hard during a sold out show at the legendary Viper Room….a place I had dreamed of performing at, for years.

A performance SUCCESS – and why…
The same tripping and falling experience! After surviving that degree of unforeseeable embarrassment, you are convinced you can face anything on stage.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way.
Bring your own sound engineer. We once had a show at our spot on Ludlow in NYC, didn’t have our own sound guy yet; and the sound guy who happened to be there that night was so “out of it”. For the first two songs of our set, my microphone was muted!

A vocal-singing lesson you’ve learned the hard way.
I once ate a huge burger and fries combo right before a show at The Good Hurt in Santa Monica…I literally couldn’t move onstage and was burping in between lyrics.. Not pretty; TMI? Yes, I know. But nonetheless, lesson learned- I will never eat a big, greasy meal, minutes before hitting the stage.


Learning how to refine your diet can make the most out of your vocal performances

One influential singer, and what it is that makes them stand out to you.
Dolly Parton. The sincerity in her storytelling, singing voice…that, and the fact that at the sound of her voice, I think of my mother who listened to her religiously as we were growing up.

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance?
Passion. Guinness. And spoonfuls of Manuka honey.

Most important lesson you have learned about vocal health?
I had always read Mariah’s vocal health rituals or how Celine doesn’t speak the day prior to a show. I always thought, “Wow, Divas”. But there are definite, obvious differences in performances based on how you treat your “temple”.

Do some research and try different foods/drinks, and you will learn exactly what works best for you and the sound you want to achieve. My vocal coach in Hollywood, James Lugo first taught me about refining my diet to enable me to get the most out of my voice. #itsNotAllHogwash !

A question you wished we asked you – and your answer.
Hhmmmmmmm…….childhood dream! Answer: Performing at The Grammys :)

Bela Ferreira

Bela Ferreira: I have always been a loner, secretly writing songs. Eventually sharing my songs in Toronto at open mics, which led to moving to LA with my musical brothers;and recording a solo album. A song off that album landed a huge TV series in Europe. Following a couple of small solo tours in Canada, Portugal and California; my brothers and I decided it felt most natural to create a band together. That was the birth of Ménage. www.MenageTheBand.com