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Trouble Shoot Your Onstage Feedback

Craig Fraser shows how speaker placement relative to your microphone can make all the difference.

Many interesting questions come into our support team about using technology in live performance – Craig Fraser shares an example of a question that had a simple answer…


Craig Fraser is a Product Specialist at TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies. He is involved in product development, technical writing, customer service and videography. Prior to this, he was Director of Operations at Marble Wave Sound Design. www.tc-helicon.com

  • keith

    …also to note, bare walls/low ceiling immediately behind the stage reflect the monitor’s output and can add feedback havoc (solution: angle monitors in relation to wall) and adding reverb and higher treble levels in monitors also contribute to feedback, as does microphone type (arggg…the zingy heavily high-mid-boosted, feedback steroid popping Botox injected SM58’s especially), I sure tip my hat to Audix OM3/5’s for being excellent at feedback rejection in higher volume and sounding real.