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Twintapes “Tonight” featuring Callie Moore

Bio: We’re a youtube band. We make original music, film the recording process and post for our fans. Thanks for watching!

  • Absolutely stunning! I can't tell if you all are lip syncing or if you're just that good?! Either way, I don't care because I'm really taken in by your passionate delivery as a band. It's obvious that you are serious about your music. The vocals are a lil' too drenched in reverb,and they sound great, so why not open up their natural beauty a bit? Good transitions on the video to boot!



  • I can't believe no one else has commented on this video. Just revisited to show ya' some more love. I wish you toured…I'd bring my entire entourage to support you. Hey gang, I've been trying to build a strong – real time – internet presence as well. Check out streamjam.com = you're already geared up to entertain, LIVE, from your studio = to the rest of the world. So when's the CD coming out? Can I pick this up on iTunes yet?! Lyrics rock btw~

    Much love,


  • The best song on the VoiceCouncil!!!

    There, maybe that one liner will show up in the articles section and more folks will check it out :)

  • Nstewart111

    I also love this. Agree a little less reverb on the vocals. I understand the ambient effect, but it reduces the natural beauty of the voices.