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Ukulele Jim – Anniversary Song

Bio: Don’t let the name fool you–this is no novelty act! With music that combines the soulfulness of James Taylor with the pop sensibilities of Jack Johnson, Ukulele Jim will treat you to an ear pleasing, heart stealing, joyful feeling good time! From his home studio in Santa Barbara, California, “Ukulele Jim” Clark uses the convenience of the Internet to collaborate with musicians from all over the world, creating acoustic melodies that bridge the gaps between Pop, Rock, Country and Folk music. The combination of Jim’s lilting voice with the sweetness of the ukulele are notable in catchy, emotive songs that will stay with you long after you listen to them.

  • Hi Jim,

    “Anniversary” is a languid and sweet tune. I like the lyrics…did you write this for your lady? Definitely unusual to hear the Ukulele being played in modern music, but hey, it works for ya'!

    True Jack Johnson is sort of the modern day James Taylor, but there's a newness to his approach…something that resonates with young and old alike. So Jim, you're on key, you're relaxed, and everything fits…my only concern is that it's kind of a boring number by the end of the tune. Please don't be offended…but I notice that the hook doesn't really pick up or change much…mostly it's in the vocal…how about adding a little heart to that part of the song, maybe belly it up with a little soul.

    I know it's difficult to pull off a lot of extra stuff with a simple acoustic instrument but you can add dynamics and textures that currently aren't apparent in this tune. What about picking a little through the verses…ya know, sort of open them up a little bit? When you come back into a solid strum…it'll give the choruses more impact. Alison Krauss has an incredible backing band…mostly blue grass boys…but they do a lot with acoustic instruments.

    You boast a lot of different abilities in your bio and it's tough to pull all of those off in a single tune but I think you're on to something here with the passive and heart felt nature of your original vibration. With the right spin, I could see this song being one dedicated to lovers across the world. Keep at it and don't be afraid to experiment more…let your voice fly…lift off of the ground when ya' hit your hook and make us feel exuberant love for our significant other!



  • Mo

    Good job, I like it!
    I didn't expected a Ukulele in this song but it makes the song sounds sweet ;)
    Soft voice but it fits to the song, but I think you should a little bit more 'action' (loud than low, fast than slow, or something like that). That makes the song sounds more lively. But good song! :)