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Uli – Silent Wings cover

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to sing. I have a deep voice and so Tina Turner is my favourite singer. A few years ago I had the chance to perform on stage and since this time I have been taking lessons and often perform on stage. Singing is for me feeling free, getting new energy and a clear mind.

  • KowBoy Tom

    Uli, you say that, “Singing is feeling free, getting new energy and a clear mind.” and this exactly what come thru from your performance. It’s good to see how your whole being gets caught up in the rhythm and emotion of the music. Well done. Enjoy!

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Ulrike Pfnausch

    Thanks so much, really appreciate your lovely words.
    With love

  • 123

    ich liebe dich uli!

  • Hiya’ Uli

    You have a unique sound to your voice…kind of Stevie Nicksish.  I hafta’ say your pitch is all over the place though.  This was tough for me to listen to.  Work on your breathing, dynamics, and mic technique.  I know you’re having fun but if you truly want to grow…review this again and be honest with yourself.



  • Organicradio101

    You are a raw talent .. I think you are absolutely awesome … I am proud of you … I love you … here’s to our future together!

  • AmericanIdolJudge

    More like sour milk.