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Vanessa Surian – Jumping The Gun (Acoustic Original Song)

I’m always pleasantly surprised when people like my voice, or music. I’m unpleasantly surprised when they don’t. Surprises all around, then

  • G_Alexander

    Well, I think you should just stay pleasantly surprised. Really great original work – definitely a pleasure to listen to gifted guitar work going with a great voice. Mind if I ask a question? The video quality is a bit rough (you might want to 'export' at a higher quality) yet the sound was good – are you using an external mic or just the mic on the camera?

  • ronb15

    this is real great ! well done ! 5*

  • Vanessa Surian

    Thank you, G_Alexander, pleasantly surprised it is =) The mic is my inbuilt laptop mic, and so is the video cam. The quality of both sound and video tends to vary with each recording I make, despite using the same equipment and settings. I haven't managed to figure it out yet. I'll try your suggestion for my next video =)

  • Vanessa! Your name means “butterfly” and that's not far removed from the languid relationship between you and your music…plucking gently across the tops of flowers, wings softly touching the pedals as you flit from bloom to bloom.

    You are relaxed and well rehearsed. I love the lyrics as well. I'm a big fan of soft songs with tough messages. Vanessa your dynamics also come through very well as you move through this piece, something I often remind young artists of, when they are performing with voice and instrument.

    I most enjoy that I didn't expect this. I'm very happy that you've shared your music with us. Keep working hard and I do hope you decide the further your career as a professional songwriter. You're a refreshing benefit to this forum. Often, I try to point out what I like and what I feel needs improvement on the peer reviews. However, I think you just need to keep growing and continue to do what you do! Promote yourself; get a strong production team behind you and you're on your way my friend!!!


    Brian Stevenson

  • Wow..wow.. very well done, very original, beautiful song, guitar playing and beautiful voice. Reminds me of Lauren Hill. i like it a lot :)

  • paulshoebridge

    excellant voice brilliant guitar skills i would be unpleasently surprised if anyone didnt like your voice

  • BrutallyHonest

    Hmm … well I was reasonably interested for the first minute … like your picking and voice, lyrics are muddy and can't make them out but you lost me when you started to chord/strum. It's too bad cause it was a reasonable song. “finger tips make up a fist”? Did you think about this line? This is the problem with most young songwriters, you guys need to spend a lot more time taking lyrics seriously. That just doesn't make sense or ring true. Think about every single word in your song and make sure every word advances your story. Otherwise you lose your audience as you lost me. Sorry but that's the truth as I hear it.