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Veronica Bordacchini – If I Were A Boy cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Veronica. Wow. You’ve really got a nice voice. Love the way you are able to keep up the “steam” throughout the song. It’s very long and there is not much help to get from the track. There’s something about your vibrato that I’d like to comment on (and maybe you have heard it before) – this a matter of taste and opinion rather than absolute truth. Most of the time I feel that you use vibrato to enhance your expression or make the sound bigger – and I like that. But sometimes it comes across as an “auto-pilot”. Consider using vibrato only when you have a musical purpose.

Veronica’s Bio:

I’m Veronica Bordacchini, 25 years old from Italy. I’m a modern and opera singer, vocal coach and the Symphonic Death Metal band “Fleshgod Apocalypse” singer. Got other music project like my band “In Tenebra” and a studio project called “Wisteria”. Hope you’ll enjoy my videos! :)

  • Gail Attard

    i like the way you sang this i think you have a powerful voice well done