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Vibrato – To Wobble Or Not To Wobble?

This week we’re exploring the mystery of vibrato.

In a way, vibrato is nothing more than a slight yet rapid pitch variation brought about by the free oscillation of the vocal chords. However, if produced correctly it has the power to add a whole new dimension to our vocal tone. This week we’d like to hear your thoughts on vibrato and any advice on how others might discover it in their voice.

So the question is: Some singers have great natural vibrato, but what about the rest of us? how can we develop it in our own voice?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: How important is diction/pronunciation to successful singing & what exercises and methods can we use to work on it.

Freya Astrella wrote…

“Depends on genre, obviously very important in theatre and classical rep. I like to hear what singers are saying else they could be literally singing Thomas the Tank engine! Anne Marie Speed is the diction master”!

Tony Carpenter commented…

“Clearly in most mainstream music it’s not a failure if you don’t get the words clearly. My wife always mocked me about how I covered run to you by Bryan Adams. Point is, vocals with feeling out weigh enunciation perfection”.

Vaughn Kristone posted…

“Due to my accent this is an issue that I have as well, my coach has me do tongue twisters, and wants me to apply proper pronunciation/diction in everyday speech/while talking, so that when I’ll sing, it’ll come naturally and not forced”.

Great comments this week guys, don’t forget to tune in again next week for more Q&A.

All the best, C x