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Vocal Auditions – Your Advice

This week we’re looking at the dos and don’ts of vocal auditions. 

Whether it’s trying out as the lead singer for a band or going for a spot on a contest or reality show, the ‘audition room’ is most often the first hurdle on the road to achieving our goals. It’s vital that we present ourselves in the best possible light. But how does one achieve the mindset for a stadium worthy performance in such a cold and awkward environment? This week we’d like to hear your tips and tricks for dealing with the audition environment, in the hope that you may inspire other singers to take that first step on their vocal voyage.

So the question is: Whats tips & advice would you give to a singer about to brave the ‘audition room’ for the first time?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Have you ever suffered with vocal issues or injury such as polyps or nodules and, if so, how did you overcome it?

Jenifer Joy Yocum wrote:

“Yes. I had a capillary ectasia in my right fold eradicated by laser surgery. The capillary had hemorrhaged a couple of times, once while I was in a musical. I have a small scar on the fold and am constantly working through voice exercises with voice therapists and my teacher and on my own to regain the suppleness of the mucosa so that my fold can vibrate properly. I have also had cranial facial massage. It has been a long road, but I have learned a ton about how the voice works, particularly my own”.

Marianne Zin commented:

“Acupuncture or reflexology can also help heal and let the body do the work itself. However regardless your method of voice production whether speaking or Singing should be addressed to make sure you are correctly using your diaphragm to propel the sound not rest on the tiny vocal chords”.

Brian Hilligoss responded:

“Drink water. Get rest. Shut your mouth. Stop caffeine and spicy foods. No alcohol. Exercise And mostly…,quit worrying about it. Oh and if you smoke you are stupid. If you don’t sing do these things anyway…except the alcohol part”.

Chris McDaniel wrote:

‘I developed a polyp through one particular overstraining session caused by a lousy (almost no) sound system and then aggravated by reflux. Plus my “on with the show” motto kept me working when I should have stopped to let my voice recover…My advice would be to seek out the best vocal specialist doctor and therapist you can afford. It’s your instrument and it’s priceless! Take the best care of it you can’!

Fantastic comments guys! Its great to see all the support for your fellow singers too, looking forward to hearing from you next week.

All the best,