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Vocal Coach in Residence April – Jeannette LoVetri

Vocal Coach in Residence April - Jeannette LoVetri

She’s performed as a soloist in New York’s Lincoln Center and has taught aspiring singers for over 40 years.

Jeanneatte LoVetri is well known and respected nationally and internationally in the voice science and medical communities as a singing expert.

She has been invited to speak all over the world and has maintained associations with University Faculties and conservatories – and now she is VoiceCouncil Magazine’s Coach in Residence for April.

Follow your heart

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing
Follow your heart.

Worst singing advice you’ve ever heard
You are a mezzo with high notes and (from someone else) you have a deformed tongue.

…when the truth was…?
I am a high lyric soprano with a good solid low range. My tongue is just fine, thanks!

Pre-performance routine
Check to be sure I have music and all needed props and equipment, vocalize, warm up body, eat, breathe to stay calm.

Jeannette swears by valerian root for calming the nerves.

Jeannette swears by valerian root for calming the nerves.

A favorite nerves remedy
Valerian root capsules, deep breathing.

What you’d never leave home without
Food, lipstick.

Bad thing to say to a venue manager
Kind of small, huh?

Good thing to say to a venue manager
I love the intimacy of this space.

Where most singers mess up with vocal health
Thinking they have to do more than they can; due to poor vocal boundaries caused by no or poor training, bad info, or little life experience singing.

What do you mean by “more than they can”?

Most young singers think they have to be able to make all sounds, in all pitch ranges, in all styles, just because. Everyone has a comfort zone. With correct training that zone can increase, but no one is capable of making all sounds, regardless of what they are, all the time. And most young singers think they can sing louder and longer than their vocal cords can handle. (Adele, John Leger, many others found this out the hard way).

Top recording tip
Don’t let the label owners, the engineer or the producer talk you into something you don’t want to do; and, know your voice.

What drains your batteries?
Needy, narcissistic people.

What charges them?
Dancing, singing, the beach, roller coasters and being with Jerry.

Worst singing experience you’ve ever had
Did a live televised benefit performance with a big band, but without a sound check, a band rehearsal, or a full company dress rehearsal.

Don’t let yourself be talked out of what you know you need, even if you have to be a “pain” to get it

OK – you get more than a sentence to explain this one!
When I made my entrance, walking down a very long flight of stairs in the lobby of the theatre we were in, I couldn’t hear the band well enough to know what key they were playing in. I did a long slow pitch slide up (while walking down the stairs) waiting to hear a tonality that sounded familiar so I could actually start the song! After the first set, the producer motioned for me (while I was on camera) to “keep going”. That was true all night. By the time I did the third set, I had used up all the music from the fourth set and had to work out of a fake book. A nightmare, but I had good feedback after it was over — no one knew anything was off!

What advice do you have for singers from this experience?
Don’t let yourself be talked out of what you know you need, even if you have to be a “pain” to get it. Do not agree to “just this once” disregarding what you know is right. Stick to your guns and do it the right way the first time or LEAVE.

A secret good luck charm for travelling or performing
Don’t have one, but do meditate for peace and success early in the day of a performance.

Anyone who succeeds in becoming a successful full-time money earning singer who started from nothing, with nothing, and got there on his or her own.

People who teach singing who have no clue whatsoever how we sing or how to help someone else get better.

Favorite album
North Shore A Capella (Hardly anyone knows about them)

What’s different about a vocalist vocation today compared to 20 years ago?
Much less work for small gigs, many more people singing who want to become pros, more standardized training that is aimed at the average, not the talented, student.

Favorite quote about singing
Connect your body to your heart and mind and never let go of that trio while you sing.

Your life philosophy in 10 words
If your heart has to do something — go do it.

The perfect day
Sleeping late, going to the beach when its warm and sunny, eating a great dinner, going dancing, reading a book, all with my honey, Jerry.


Jeannette LoVetri is the creator of Somatic Voicework, her method for teaching Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM), a term she herself created which has since become widely used. She has been teaching singing since 1971, arriving in New York City in 1975 and currently lectures and teaches across the world.


  • Joe Mathy

    What is a good warm up for a singer you can recommend? I play acoustic guitar like CSNW sort of music range, past and current. Me and the mic, and a Play Acoustic of course. Thanks.