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Vocal Coach in Residence June – Daniel K. Robinson

Vocal Coach in Residence June - Daniel K. Robinson
Daniel K. Robinson is of the Founding Members of the “Ten Tenors” with many TV appearances including live national TV broadcasts.

He has Two National Top 30 Singles (independent release) and has authored multiple academic book chapters and journal articles

He’s currently a leader with The Australian Voice Association and has been past Vice President and National of ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Worst singing advice you’ve ever heard?

Childhood ambition?
Either become a helicopter pilot or a singer (I knew they would be equally exciting!).

Vocalists who inspire?
John Farnham, Karen Carpenter, Greg X Volz and Lior

Your first music teacher & what you remember?
His name was Ian Champion…we all just called him Champs! I remember that he was the coolest teacher in school…at least I thought so!


A favorite nerves remedy?
I manage my nerves with extreme amounts of preparation and rehearsal.

Pre-performance routine?
I really get in the zone by being on my own… I don’t like distractions in the lead up to a gig. And I always do a 20 minute warm-up aside from any sound check.

The perfect (or a favorite) live mic for you/your students?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wireless Shure SM87A…but I really think that the Shure Beta SM58 is a good general all-rounder for students.

A secret good luck charm for travelling/performing?
Always take a pair of runners/sneakers/joggers with you. The fresh air and the exercise are crucial when on tour.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen in a singing performance?
A possum dropped from the rafters, landed on and scratched up one of my fellow cast members pretty bad…totally random!

What drains your batteries?
Crowds of people… I’m an introvert by nature.

What charges them?
Time alone doing photography.

Daniel K. Robinson in a seminar

Dr Dan teaching the concept of ‘sing through the phrase!’

Your biggest performance blunder?
Taking a sleeping drug, the night before a live national TV broadcast. Bad things happened!

Where most singers mess up with vocal health?
They don’t give their voices enough opportunities for rest and recovery from fatigue.

Favorite Album?
Jesus Christ Superstar (’92 Australian Cast)

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing
Practice as you would perform

Top recording tip
Step into the booth vocally warm!

What’s different about a vocalist vocation today compared to 20 years ago?
What isn’t different? For one thing…you have to do more work to earn the same dollar.

So, what’s your top tip to improving a singing income?
Diversify your skill set.

An example of what singers you work with do to achieve that?
I encourage the singers I challenge my singers to develop their business acumen, think entrepreneurially, and look for opportunities outside of the typical Friday/Saturday night, Sunday lunch beer garden gigs.

Bad thing to say to a venue manager
Can you please turn off those pokies… their interfering with my vibe!

What’s a pokie?
A slot machine


Good thing to say to a venue manager
Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need me to change anything about anything.

Favorite quote about singing
It is the birthright of every human being to sing.

Your life philosophy in 10 words
Live everyday as if it’s your last, plan as if you’ll live forever.

The perfect day
Skiing on a sunlit day!


Dr Dan is a freelance artist and educator. He is the principal Singing Voice Specialist for Djarts and presents workshops to singers across Australia and abroad. He has served as National Vice President (2009–11) and National Secretary for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (2006–11). Over the past two decades, while maintaining his own performance career, Daniel has instructed thousands of voices. This vast experience enables Daniel to effortlessly work with voices of all skill levels: beginners to professionals. You can join Dr Dan every Tuesday & Thursday on his YouTube channel: Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials. Dr Dan is also the creator of 7 Days to a Better Voice: a FREE one-week technical detox for your voice.