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Vocal Coach in Residence: Mister Tim

Revelations on other performers, money and looping.

His unique vocal comedy vids have gone viral – just check out his Star Wars tribute.

He’s also cooked up the weirdest names for vocal groups: Plumbers of Rome, Moosebutter and Placental Armageddon.

Mister Tim is also a gifted looper, performance coach and composer and he’s back as our Vocal Coach in Residence!

A singer’s singer
Bobby McFerrin: a student of music, art, culture humanity, _and_ singing.

Fav. Looper
Imogen Heap

Fav. Beatboxer
Beardyman: he has a wicked sense of humor and his skill is astonishing. AND he’s a killer looper.

Fav. A cappella Group
SONOS: pure amazing sound, distinct style, original contributions to the music world

The first thing you teach your students about tech.
Tech=amplification: it does not fix your problems, only makes them obvious.

Favorite Live Mic(s) and why
SM58: basic and beautiful. Works.

Favorite Recording Mic(s) – and why
The best mic in the studio for my voice for that song.

What do you like for monitoring?
The truth.

Best looping advice
The audience cares less about the looping than you do and more about the song than you do.

First great vocal health tip you ever heard
Sleep, water, nutrition=good, screaming at sports=bad.

How you get back to a great mental place when you’re down?
Forget myself and get back to work.

Performance blunder
My live-looping performances are often like falling up a flight of stairs: a series of mistakes and semi-correct lurches that progress upward to something better.

How you recover
Keep smiling and keep singing. Pay attention to what the audience is reacting to and build on that.

Tip for singers building a fan base

Best marketing advice you ever heard
“Ideas that spread, win” (Seth Godin)

A Web Turd (Things to never do in online promotion)
Ask your fans to vote for you in ANOTHER online contest that rewards artists for how many fans they can get to vote instead of actually evaluating art.

What singers need to know about money
There is enough of it out there, you just have to figure out how to get to it.

What else singers need to know about money
If you figure that out, let me know because I want some, too.

A favorite quote about singing
“Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out long.”

Definition of the “voice”
An individual’s complete set of tools for communication. The totality of what you believe, represent, strive for, and how you express that. As distinctive as a fingerprint, expressed in every aspect of your life.

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Mister Tim is a published composer, award-winning recording artist,and in-demand performer, teacher & performance coach. In addition to an active performing and touring schedule with his his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows, Mister Tim sings with Boulder, CO-based Celtic Rock band Delilah’s Revenge and 2012 BOSS Loop Station World Championship finalist Vox Machina, manages the… READ MORE