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Vocal Effects…Good, Bad or Ugly?

This week we’re examining the world of vocal effects in live performance

In the live environment it’s commonplace for a guitarist to be equipped with a myriad of effects and devices to enhance his or her sound, or for a keyboard player to even imitate an entire orchestra at the flick of a button. Yet when it comes to the singer, the use of live effects (auto-tune in particular) is often seen to rob the voice of its authenticity. This week we’d like to hear your experiences with live effects and your thoughts on this odd musical contradiction.

So the question is: In your opinion, does using effects such as delay, chorus, reverb and auto-tune to change the sound of your voice in live performance constitute cheating or is it just another way for you to express your artistic vision? 

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked:  In your opinion, do TV talent shows such as the X Factor and The Voice have a positive or negative effect on the industry?

Jade Barbee wrote:

“Here in the US, I enjoy “the voice” because the rather new emphasis on coaching / helping (as opposed to winning or being perfect), which I appreciate. I’m not a fan of the cloying narratives they invent for each cast member – but the truth is, these shows are about someone’s idea of good tv, not about singing”.

Tony Bonnici Commented:

“No one ever talks about what happens to most of these contestants after the hype has been pulled from under their feet… Not pretty at all.. Only a handful have continuity in their careers while the rest fade to obscurity very quickly.Hard work, gigs and live experience is the only way to cement success.”

R Sheen Responded:

“There are many fantastic performers out their who are just waiting to be heard, but these kind of shows just based on manufacture, run by an untalented bunch of media staff who do not have a clue what the public really want to hear & force a lot of talent-less wanna-be’s on the nation who really, above the age of 12, do not have that much of a desire to hear”.

Keep the feedback coming guys, your opinions really do matter to us.

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