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Vocal Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

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We asked our Facebook community to share a lesson you learned the hard way, and explain how it made you a better singer.

From recovering from vocal injury, to picking yourself back up after a band fall-out, these lot have been there, done it, and most importantly, learned from it.

Mechelle Jernigan Herrington kicked off the conversation, telling us how excessive volume caused her serious damage:

Patty A Bell agrees that we must monitor our instrument and our environment:

Suzi Woods is still learning this humbling perspective:

Amy ‘Fortner’ Nelson warns us of teachers who give half-baked solutions:

Mo Soltar also reminds us to be wary of the teacher who doesn’t allow individualism:

Tony Sadler discovered a silver lining with a rogue ex-band member:

Sharon Mari explains how her vocal injury led to a huge development in her knowledge:

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