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Vocal Mistakes and Messes

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Vocal Mistakes and Messes – Vocalist Insight 26

Bestselling author and creativity coach, Eric Maisel, reminds vocalists that their mistakes are a necessary part of the creative process.

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  • Nice insights Eric! The band and I have been picking at things like this quite a bit these days. We've reunited after many years part. Everyone's grown and we're all more interested in fixing things that running past the painful humility of repeated mistakes. We're not as pretty as we use to be, so it has to be about the music= mwahaha!

    I'm fortunate to be with musicians who listen to me and work with me to provide the best options for my voice. They are also good singers. There's a few songs that were always rough for me and I would, and sometimes still do, experience terrible anxiety and worry about “Will I do it right this time?!” Sometimes I do, and sadly, sometimes I don't. However, I am happy to say, that more is going right with these numbers than had gone wrong in the past.

    I encourage other singers to speak up, humbly of course, when they are having difficulty with a song or a portion of a song. Figure it out right away. Now, during these moments, I'll have the band break those sections down piece by piece, which helps me to analyze all that is going on. Sometimes it's a matter of a passage being a little too low or too high for me…the band's great about transposing to promote my vocal strengths, but if they know I can do it they smack me across the chops – figuratively speaking :)

    Something else we've gotten a chuckle out of is that we've found areas where the music wasn't syncing up and I was signing to harmonics that did not resonate well with each other. It wasn't an over obvious sound but an over or under tone that was throwing me off. I love it when it's this coz' I get to jeer the band a bit! :)

    Working out these kinds of kinks has become a fun part of what we do now and very beneficial.

    And old maestro once told me “Hey if you mess it up, and it sounds pretty good, do it again and they'll think you've gone and done it on purpose.”

    Thanks again Eric!



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