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Vocal Phrasing and Interpretation are King

Did You Know That…Vocal Phrasing and Interpretation are King?

The more you understand about vocal phrasing and interpretation, the better you’ll be at recording (and performance) – period.

We can spend a fortune on gear to get great vocal sound and we can figure out what to tweak and where, to capture the finest resolution digital or analog signal, but if we record bad musical phrasing and interpretation, we’re left with nothing but –should I say it –crap!

The vocal tracks must capture the appropriate emotional and musical feel for the song.

For most styles, it’s important that they’re understandable, in tune, and that the lyrics are sung in a way that gives the song meaning.

Conveying the meaning of the lyrics usually takes precedence over other factors. Small flaws in technical presentation can be justified by an authentic, emotional, heartfelt performance.

-Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson, president of Northwest Music and Recording has spent the last 25 years writing, recording, producing and teaching music. Bill is a best-selling author and has written over 30 books on audio recording. His recently released 6-volume set, The Hal Leonard Recording Method is already receiving high praise for its user-friendly approach.

You can check out Bill’s books here.