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Vocal Potions

This week we’re looking at all the products you can buy which promise either to fix or improve your voice.

Everything from Vocalzones to the magical liquids sold in some music stores that promise fantastic results and we’re wondering – do they actually work?

So the question is: Sprays, potions, lozenges and teas for your voice – what have you tried and do they really work?

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Last week I asked… “How do you look after your voice at times of heavy use to ensure it doesn’t get tired and worn out?”

Craig Anthony posted a great answer to this on our Facebook Page – “Unlike most other musical disciplines the voice is such a large part of YOU, and as such can be affected by a multitude of different factors. For me the key is staying healthy, regardless of what lies ahead. Workout regularly, eat healthy and avoid late nights and heavy drinking. Granted it’s not very rock n roll but it works!”

Thanks to all who participated – please don’t forget to get involved this week too…

– J.

  • Robert

    In the old days when I performed 5 or 6 nights a week and did my best to sing over loud amps and drums, I tried everything known to man to ease tired and and abused vocal chords. Later when I learned how to transpose music and realized I didn’t have to sing in uncomfotable keys that was no longer necessary.  

  • Rhiannon

    In times of heavy use…steam steam and more steam!! vocal warm ups before the gig and reasonable amount of sleep. I also found that rubbing tiger balm into my throat before going to sleep really helps . Red tea with honey just before the gig is good ( as you say not very rock n roll!) after gig, steam, tiger balm and a drink of whiskey honey lemon and hot water with some vinegar always helps me!! dont know why but these seem to work for me!!!

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    As a kid, I always wanted to be like my dad. He
    used to use some lozenges that came in a little flat greyish-green tin. Later they changed the
    packaging to cardboard.
    They tasted dreadfully like licorice. He used them all the time because he sang and practiced many times a week.
    I recently tried to find them but instead found Thayer’s Slippery Elm lozenges.
    They seem to soothe my throat, especially when allergies are at their hight. They taste like a popsicle stick dipped in Maple Syrup water but far better than my father’s tasted.
    Does anyone know what my father might have used?
    He purchased them in a corner Pharmacy in the US.