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Vocal Recording Made Easy – Setting Up and Pluggin’ In

You’ve gathered the gear you need for you home studio, but how the heck do you hook it all up? This video shows you every step.

This video is the third in a series called Vocal Recording Made Easy, by Darrell Smith. In the previous episodes, Darrell listed all the gear you’ll need to set yourself up for vocal recording, and showed you how to create a space condusive for recording vocals in your home.

Don’t miss the next session where Darrell shows you how to create your first recording session.

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Darrell Smith Bio

Darrell Smith is the Owner and Principle Designer at Kungpow Production. Kungpow is on a mission to remove the technical barriers to achieving your creative vision. If you’d like his help getting your worship team’s stage volume under control, you can find him at Kungpow Production.

Darrell’s gear list for recording vocals